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Creating real time Developmental Insights for Smarter Parenting.

hands-on toy

Smart building blocks that combine physical and digital play.

Connected to the digital world

Building in the real world while exploring the digital world.

Creating insights
 through pure play

Follow your child's cognitive development in real-time – as they play – and get actionable tips and suggestions along the way.







We want to empower parents to embrace their children's natural learning potential with our smart and connected magnetic building blocks.

Play is the highest form of research.
- Albert Einstein
Recommended for ages 5-12

Try building something
right here

Play with a virtual version of our building blocks in this simulator. Works best with Google Chrome.
Created with our friends from YUVINE VR The Virtual Reality Production Company
Toys are children's words and play is their language.
- Garry Landreth
A simple toy that in the hands and imagination of a child can become anything.
playDXTR is a smart-toy that gives you real time insight about your child’s developmental progress.

And the best part?
It all happens while your kids are playing and having fun!

Why is Play a Serious Issue?

We were all born confident. We could do anything, create anything and weren’t afraid to fail. It’s that natural skill that made us excellent learners and empowered us to believe that we could become anything we wanted in life.

Somewhere along the way, we lose tese innocent skills, but the question is where and why?

As parents we watch our children play, wondering how to foster that natural confidence.

The answer is right here: smart and connected, magnetic building blocks with built-in sensors – all connected to your tablet.

playDXTR represents a new and better way of assessing children – one where the children's motivation and sense of achievement is in focus.
Nina Rung Education Advisor and edTech Expert

Endless possibilities for play




Working Memory


Mental Flexibility

Visuospatial Perception


Quantify child development
through play

We take a data-driven and scientific approach to cognitive assessment of children through pure play.


If you are interested in the fields of Evidence-based Cognitive Assessment, Child Psychology, Educational Technologies, or Serious Gaming then let us help you dive deeper into the possibilities of the DXTR platform.

Over the coming months we will be building up a network of professionals from around the globe. When you sign up here you will be part of this network of early adopters who are ready to move beyond mobile and wearable technology in the quest for gaining deeper insight.

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Primarily linked to the Parietal and Frontal Lobe 

Children regularly playing certain types of games perform better at independent concentration tasks. This is just as true for young children as for elderly people. Considering the importance of concentration in learning new skills, healthy concentration-based games shouldn’t be neglected.



Primarily linked to the Temporal Lobe

Play favors emotion-exploration and -learning. This is linked with reduced levels of anxiety and stress. Additionally, playing is linked with better self-esteem and self-confidence - two concepts hugely important for healthy development.


Spatial Cognition

Primarily linked to the Occipital and Parietal Lobe

Studies have shown improved results at spatial cognition tasks after playing different kinds of games. The subjects had better results at spatial attention and mental rotation tasks, which are associated with success in mathematics and other fields.



Primarily linked to the Temporal and Frontal Lobe

Many animal studies have linked juvenile play with survival capabilities. Play seems to enable innovative behavior and exploration, which in turn helps find adaptive solutions in real life. A child that plays is a child that will dare explore, and thus adapt.


Divergent Thinking

Primarily linked to the Frontal Lobe

Playing requires - and therefore boosts - creativity. This is especially true for playing freely without any instructions. For instance, when giving building blocks to a child and just letting him go crazy with them! On the other hand, building following instructions is beneficial for other skills.



Primarily linked to the whole brain

Many experts believe games are of great value for educational purposes. For example, games help provide a meaningful context for learning, and they provide external motivation to keep children engaged. They also encourage children to explore on their own and allow them to practice their skills. 


Motor Skills

Primarily linked to the Frontal and Parietal Lobe

Studies have showed increased cortical area for finger control in pianists. This link between a specific motor area and a related activity is well established and even stronger for children since their brains develop much faster. There is no doubt children need to practice, manipulate and play with their hands, especially in our digital era where physical play is slowly disappearing.


Working Memory

Primarily linked to the Frontal Lobe

Working memory is fundamental and constantly used. Each time you are doing something that is not automatic (i.e. walking from your mailbox to your door), you use working memory. The harder the task, the more you need it. Playing games often require a lot of working memory and can help you learn new strategies to better use it.


Problem Solving

Primarily linked to the Frontal Lobe

Researchers found that preschool children playing with building blocks performed better at problem solving tasks than the ones only playing with puzzles. This is because there is only one way to solve puzzles. Playing with building blocks, on the other hand, allows exploration and multiple possibilities of play.


Round round, been around, we've been around

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What the media says about us

What our friends say about us

I know DXTR as a brilliant startup from European Innovation Academy 2014, where they won The Novak Druce Innovation Award, as well as they was awarded as the 2nd best team at the academy. I believe we'll see a lot from them in the future!

Ådne Stenberg Vik, Former Chairman of the Board @ Start Norge

I met the DXTR Tactile team through the SCALEit program and followed them closely for a week, while they navigated the Silicon Valley start-up scene as if they had been here always. They are smart, driven, passionate and on top of that very likable people.

Lene Schulze, Business Catalyst @ 42 Associates

DXTR took part of European Innovation Academy 2014 and quickly became the favorite amongst the international mentors and world renowned speakers. Their idea is fresh, exciting and needed. The team and the idea won awards and hearts at EIA - they are genuine, hard-working and passionate about what they do.

Johanna Tukk, Global CMO @ European Innovation Academy

I met DXTR Tactile at the Web Summit in Dublin 2014. Their ambition, drive and confidence in their product impressed me deeply. They are true entrepreneurs willing to risk it all for what they believe in. I hope they'll make it big. It's guys like these the world needs.

Rune Scharff Andreasen, Head of Section @ The Danish Business Authority

I have been coaching and following DXTR for almost a year and have been impressed by their dedication to the project and their commitment to working hard to achieve success.


They have both the outgoing energy and enthusiasm that make others want to be involved in their business and the dedication of engineers to build a great product that will make a difference to the world. They are truly a great team with the variety of skills and personalities it takes to execute an idea and build a business... and they are nice guys to work with too!

Jan Bendtsen, Head of Department @ IDEA House of Entrepeneurship

I have a business relationship with the DXTR Team and can recommend them as a very dedicated and committed team, which can drive and deliver. It is a pleasure for me and for my company to work with them.

Nouhad Bechnak, CTO @ Multiple Dimension AG

I know some of the founders and their drive to make it a success and to add value through this project is like a life mission. They have a strong and differentiated technology to complement their drive and that's why I expect them to succeed. We'll hear a lot more about them very soon...

Salvador Barros, Executive President @ BET

Connecting real and virtual